The Story so far

*Hisoka, Gregor and Dolvan wash up on a beach north of Vedegras after apparently being jumped and sold into a press-gang.
-They found their way off the beach through some caves where they encountered some bandits and also found some crates marked with the seal of House Carcanion.
-They made their way back to the city and met several other adventurers. Telluk, Saidr and Daeric joined the party.

*The PCs stake out the area around the docks and ambush a groups of thugs that they see skulking around.
-One of the thugs bears Zaren’s mark
-All of the thugs carry weapons made by the House Vesepoli, however the PCs find out that this is not necessarily uncommon because the Vesepolis make lots of weapons.

*The PCs then accept a job to collect the bounty that has been placed on a sailor named Ingolf the Ham-Fisted, they locate him in a bar near the docks, and take him and his buddies down. They collect the bounty from the Redcaps and a goblin working at the bar named Gradzuk decides to join them.

*Gradzuk‘s uncle and some of his neighbors have gone missing.
-Produce has spoiled on the way to market near where Gradzuk’s uncle disappeared.
-The PCs went into the sewers and encountered several strange Frog/Goblin hybrids. They then hunted the mage who was responsible for the hybrids as well as the rotten produce down and killed him. Gregor destroyed his lab but the party took an amulet, a dagger and some notes off of his corpse.

*The PCs went to the Seer’s Glass and asked the owner, Phizzirym to look into the items, they had taken off the mage, for them.
-In exchange, Phizzirym asked the PCs to retrive a specific plant that could only be found on the grounds of House DuFranc.
-The PCs were able to retrieve the plant and in turn Phizzirym lets them know that the amulet is an Amulet of Ogra-Deem and the dagger is a magical blade known as Taintfang.

*The PCs see Benicio Vesepoli gambling heavily at a Hoarfeldt gaming house. They try to track him when he leaves the house, but he manages to give them the slip.

*Benicio approaches the party and asks for their help.
-He needs the party to steal a large quantity of Sorva for him.
-Zaren controls the supply of Sorva and is blackmailing House Vesepoli

*The party attacks Tarn’s (a Sorva den), takes out the guards and steals enough Sorva for Benicio
-In turn Benicio gives them information about the slave trade in Vedegras.

*The PCs attack the Holding Pen (a slaver warehouse), kill the slavers and free the slaves held inside.
-Telluk dies of wounds sustained in the fight.

the Next Chapter


*The PCs have started to see a lot of thugs hanging around SC Vedegras who are not part of Zaren’s crew.

*Alvin asks the PCs to look after his son because he has started hanging out wannabe gangsters who work for Zaren and Alvin is afraid that Rufus is going to get hurt.

-While following Rufus and his friends, the party sees them get ambushed by some of these thugs. -The party intervenes and saves Rufus, but his friends are killed by the thugs. One of whom escapes when things turn against him -The party takes Rufus back to Alvin’s and he thanks the party by showing them a secret room/escape route through the sewers below the bar.

*The party start to hear about a new boos in town named Drozst who seems to be behind the attacks on Rufus, his friends and other members of Zaren’s crew.

-Some shopkeepers begin to stop paying protection to Zaren because they believe that Drozst might win the gangwar -Alvin stops paying protection because he blames Zaren for Rufus getting injured.

*The party tracks some of Drozst’s crew to a warehouse near the docks, they try to fool the men there into thinking that the party wants to ally themselves with Drozst. However, they are recognized by the man who escaped the ambush earlier and a fight breaks out.

-They kill all of the thugs in the warehouse, and when searching the corpses they notice that the leader appearance has changed from that of a regular Human soldier to what looks almost like clay, he no longer has any recognizable facial features although there are still eyes, a nose and a mouth.

*When the party returns to Alvin’s they see that it has been trashed and Alvin has been roughed up

-The Fire Knives a group of mercenaries in Zaren’s employ have been doing this to all the businesses in SC Vedegras that have stopped paying protection to Zaren -The party goes after the Fire Knives and finds them trashing another business. They kill that group of Fire Knives and then return to Alvin’s

*The party finds out that both Zaren and Drozst know that the party has been responsible for the deaths of some of their men and both ganglords are hunting them.

-Benicio offers to send help in exchange for the PCs’ assistance investigating the Bergulfsen clan (who are currently seeking a marriage between Theresa and one of the Bergulfsen sons) -Before Benicio’s help arrives the PCs are attacked while hanging out at Alvin’s. -In the middle of the fight with Drozst’s men, a squad of Zaren’s enforcers led by Tostik Shatterknee shows up and begins attacking both Dorzst’s thugs and the PCs. -Among Drozst’s thugs are several casters who look like Soren the cultist of Ogra-Deem that the PCs killed in the sewers. -When the fight is over, the PCs are the only ones left standing, Tostik is dead along with his crew and all of Drozst’s thugs.
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